Bergerie Rosé

Gold Medal Winner 2010 Vintage

Independent Vignerons Contest


100% Grenache


30,000 bottles






Bottled in spring, rosé wines from Bugadelles are fine, elegant, with aromas of raspberry. Ideal companions for grills and summer evenings, they remain all year symbol of our Mediterranean lifestyle.

The estate is in his last year of conversion to organic agriculture. 250 sheep a sheep housing is implanted. In harmony with crops, livestock not only makes maintenance natural scrubland and woods but also provides natural organic fertilizer without cost to transportation or pollution.


Independent Vignerons Contest, Gold Medal Winner 2010 Vintage


The estate is located in the heart of a teeming garrigue. The soils are calcareous with a dominant variants of sandstone, red clay, marl and shale. Mediterranean climate with maritime influence notorious.


Manual harvest: After a possible transition in cold storage, the crates are poured directly by hand in a stemmer (extraction raids). At the end of it, the harvest goes on a sorting table to eliminate any plant debris.

Mechanical harvesting: Our harvesting machine is equipped with a stemmer and a mechanical sorting table. Thus the harvest arrives at the winery quickly and in perfect condition. This type of harvesting allows us to respond quickly, or await optimum ripeness, with the possibility of working at night to enjoy the freshness and preserve the flavor and saving refrigeration. Once the grapes are in vats, we proceed to add yeast, activating fermentation immediately, except in the case of cold maceration when the grapes are kept at low temperature for several days. The temperature and the evolution of fermentation are checked daily.  Crushing is calculated using the desired extraction.

The duration of fermentation varies depending on the vintage and the type of wine desired. After the fermentation and maceration, the wine is poured and the presses are separated. Wines begin their breeding in wooden vats. In winter we proceed to the blending of different vintages. In spring, the more flexible wines are bottled. The best wines (Les  Bugadelles) are matured longer in wooden vats or barrels.


Pretty pink color with purple tints, delicate nose, perfumed and elegant with aromas of raspberry and hints of candy.


Enjoy with Sea Bass with Fennel, Mediterranean Pizza and Salad Niçoise.  Perfect accompaniment for a warm summer evening.