Along France's northeaster corner, Alsace borders German and Austria, producing mainly white wines. It is the only appellation in France to produce mostly varietally-labelled wine - notably dry Reisling and Gewurtztraminer.

Appellation Characteristics:

Max. Summer Temperature

Min. 175 m — Max. 420m

Main Soil Types

Gravel, stone and clay

Average Rainfall
60 mm

Latitude 48.57 N

Longitude  7.75 E

Types of Grape

Much of the white wines of Alsace are made from aromatic grape varieties - Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Muscat, so many characteristic Alsace wines are aromatic, floral and spicy. Many late harvest (sweet) wines are produced in Alsace, howevere ther is no official labeling that differentiates completely dry from off-dry or semi sweet so its usually up to the "house-style.

Almost all production in Alsace is of AOC wine, since there is no Vin de pays region which covers Alsace. There is also  a legal requirement for bottling Alsace wine in tall bottles commonly called flûtes d'Alsace.