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Un cahors dans le top dix du Wine Enthusiast - Lot : LaDépê Domaine du Cause #2 la depeche 2012The American magazine Wine Enthusiast has filed a Cahors, Domaine de La Lande Cavagnac Cause 2009, the second of its worldwide selection of wines 2012. This is the historical name.

Wine Enthusiast magazine, the second review of the wine in the United States filed a cahors on the second podium of his world selection 2012. Domaine de La Lande 2009 Cause Cavagnac, product Soturac, was hoisted on top of the charts behind an Argentinian wine. "This is historic! Cahors n was never a class as well in an international journal "launches, enthusiastic, Jeremy Arnaud, marketing director of UIVC (Union Interprofessional Cahors wine). "Officially I learned result yesterday (Wednesday), but we had our U.S. importer entrusted a little before five wines that we submit to the jury had each totaled more than 86 points out of 100." Serge Costes who took over the area of her parents with his wife Martine, twenty years ago, keeps feet on the ground: "We must be humble and modest, we will continue to work well." The winemaker native Montcabrier followed an atypical After sixteen years at Michelin in Auvergne, as mechatronics, he obtained a BTS agricultural and spend six months of retraining leave to learn the craft of the vineyard in Gaillac and the experimental farm Anglars-Juillac.

The couple manages the domain that spans fifteen acres since 1994. The vineyard is remarkably situated on top of a hill overlooking the valleys of the Lot and Thèze. "It is a land rich in iron ore, a characteristic that affects only 5 to 10% of the appellation. This gives aromatic wines that respect the fruit, and this accentuates the fine tannins "said Serge Costes. Domaine de Cause produces four wines of Cahors and a full (red, rosé and white) wines. Its top of the range, Notre Dame des Champs, is quoted every year in the Guide Hachette.

Jeremy Arnaud sees this validation result of the export strategy of UIVC consisting internationalize the image of the label through the grape, Malbec, in particular the United States. "Very practical, it is organizing tastings, first in New York in December 2011, and even in Cahors, Michael Lintell could find this cahors Domaine du Cause."

Scent of Black - Hilly and remote Cahors, tucked away in the corner of Southwest France, has been producing wines made from the Malbec grape for centuries.

Hilly and remote Cahors, tucked away in the corner of Southwest France, has been producing wines made from the Malbec grape for centuries.The region is also famous for black truffles. The same poor limestone soil that is responsible for such acclaimed wines also produces the tuber melanosporum. It’s not surprising that the inky wines of Cahors and earthy black truffles are often an excellent pairing.

La Depeche - Lintell to Conquer French Malbec

Cahors. L'Américain à la conquête du malbec - Lot _ LaDépê  

lintell.ladepecheThe American conquest of Malbec from CAHORS PUBLISHED 01/24/2012 8:11

Michael Lintell full tasting. The work of the Union Interprofessional Cahors wine (UIVC) to obtain contracts in the United States continues. An American, Michael Lintell recently created its import company in the United States: it is called Bird Rock Imports. His project: to become THE specialist "Cahors Malbec" across the Atlantic. Just that!

Thus, since January 18, he is in the vineyard and selects AOC Cahors.

To accompany and assist him in his approach, he has organized UIVC, Friday, January 20, tasting the research center Anglars-Juillac. All producers and traders interested in the project have to submit their samples: 50 in total. His goal: import from Hl 2000 2012, 270 000 bottles.

AOC Cahors exports already HL 4000 per year in the United States.

Michael Lintell conclude his visit today by two visits to the Castle Caminade and Domaine du Prince.

There are worse as destinations!