La Depeche - Lintell to Conquer French Malbec

Cahors. L'Américain à la conquête du malbec - Lot _ LaDépê  

lintell.ladepecheThe American conquest of Malbec from CAHORS PUBLISHED 01/24/2012 8:11

Michael Lintell full tasting. The work of the Union Interprofessional Cahors wine (UIVC) to obtain contracts in the United States continues. An American, Michael Lintell recently created its import company in the United States: it is called Bird Rock Imports. His project: to become THE specialist "Cahors Malbec" across the Atlantic. Just that!

Thus, since January 18, he is in the vineyard and selects AOC Cahors.

To accompany and assist him in his approach, he has organized UIVC, Friday, January 20, tasting the research center Anglars-Juillac. All producers and traders interested in the project have to submit their samples: 50 in total. His goal: import from Hl 2000 2012, 270 000 bottles.

AOC Cahors exports already HL 4000 per year in the United States.

Michael Lintell conclude his visit today by two visits to the Castle Caminade and Domaine du Prince.

There are worse as destinations!