Domaine Bodenave Coustarret

Located in the heart of the Pyrenees near the village of Lasseube south of Pau, the domaine is set to 380 m above sea level. The Coustarret property has been owned by several generations (at least seven). The main house built in 1842. Driven by the knowledge of his ancestors and the passion for his job, Sebastian seeks to highlight the uniqueness of the Jurançon vines. Indeed, the marriage of softness, and freshness, yields elegant, great wines. The 5 Ha of steep terrain is typically harvested much later than the warmer appellations with the sweet whites coming in Mid-November.


Wines from Domaine Bodenave Coustarret:

Renaissance SEC

Vent d'ange MOELLEUX




Domaine Bodenave Coustarret

Route d'Aubertin, 64290 Lasseube, France