5/5 stars

"Intense black fruits, smoky, chewy and aromatic. Dense and dark. Lovely fruit with lively acidity. Grippy tannins and masses of oak but enough concentration to hold it. Delicious."

- Decanter Magazine, 2011


100% Malbec


5,000 bottles






When young, the wines have a dense, often even black appearance. Their rich and complex scents evolve in a surprising way over time.


90 points - Wine Enthusiast, 2011


Sheltered behind the hills, protected from the cold, it is the perfect terrain for vines. The vineyard’s geographical position and microclimate enable us to wait for each variety to come to complete maturity for harvesting without worrying about autumn frosts.

Solely on lower quaternary mindel period deposits of the 3rd or upper terraces of the Lot.

The calcareous clay of the Kimmeridgian limestone plateaux of the Secondary (Mesozoic) era, early Quaternary Mindel alluvial soils of the third or upper Lot terraces


Age of vines: from 30 to 50 years old.

Vine care: Leaf thinning twice on both sides to brined light and air to the fruit and limited yield achieved by removing excess grapes whilst green.

Wine making: Grapes selected and 100 % de-stalked; long maceration (+ or –days) with strict temperature control. The cap of marc is pushed under to facilitate extraction twice daily until the density reaches 1050, then once daily down to 1010.

Maturing: malolactic fermentation in barrel, then about 20 months maturation in same oak barrels.


This deep-colored wine is expressive and harmonious; it’s complex nose evokes blackcurrant, spices and toasted fruit. Meaty and powerful in the mouth, it’s velvety quality is proof of the perfect mastery of the techniques of aging in oak. Black fruit, licorice and chocolate aromas complete the full expression of the wine.

Serve decanted (or opened several hours previously) before enjoying at 57°F.


Suggested accompaniment: Lamb Stew, Foie Gras, Truffle Pasta Dish, Osso Bucco and Flour-less Chocolate Cake.