Château du Cayrou

At the heart of the Cahors AOC, Puy l'Evêque, is the quaint village built on a rocky promontory overlooking the Lot River.  The Château du Cayrou stands proudly in the Puy L'Evêque loop of the Lot. When one walks there in the autumn morning while the mist floats on the river, leaves you feeling as though you have made a leap into another era. 

This charm, feeling and history led the former Deputy CEO of Renault, George Douin and his son-in-law, Julien Goursaud, former banker from Bordeaux, to purchase the winery in 2009. Julien operates the vineyard and wine making at Château du Cayrou, which has lead him to the famous wine making school of Fac Oenology in Bordeaux.  His first vintage was the 2009, which was a great year for Cahors. His passion, business acumen and early success in wine making will allow this winery to have years of success.

Julien's wines include:

No. 46

Malbec Valley