Château K

How does a young Norwegian equestrian end up in South West France?  Was it luck or serendipity, that Katharina Mowinckel purchased the estate in 2002?  For those who taste her wine they are just delighted no matter what the reason she ended up in the Bergerac AOC.

Château K is located at one point of the royal wine triangle: Bordeaux vineyards begin a few hundred meters to the West, and the Cote de Duras go rolling off to the South.  A terrior enabling her to aim for excellence from the start and Katharina makes no bones about her ambitions.  “My small volume meant that in order to make it, I had to head for the top”.

This small estate produces small volume that wins medal after medal.  This is a ‘MUST’ purchase wine- you will not be disappointed.


Wine from Château K:

Château K Rouge

Château K Bergerac Blanc Sec

Château K Saussignac

Cuvee K