Château Hourbanon

In the heart of the Medoc region of Bordeaux, 15 minutes northwest of Saint-Esteph, lies the vineyard of Château Hourbanon.
In 1974 Rémi Delayat bought the abondoned vineyard and rehabilitated every inch.  After his death, his wife, Nicole Delayat continued his work. Now, Hugues Delayat, their son, operates the 13 hectares of vines.

The vineyards straddle the municipalities of Lesparre and Prignac in the heart of the upper Medoc peninsula. The vineyard is in one piece and all the vines are located around the house and winery. The vineyards are clustered, soils are typical soils of the Médoc, ie deep sandy-gravelly soils, are fairly homogeneous.   65% of the vineyard is Cabernet Sauvignon with about 1/3 Merlot and a small amount of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec to make up the Cru Bourgeois production.


Wines from Château Hourbanon:




Château Hourbanon

 33340 Prignac en Medoc, France