Domaine d’escausses

Domaine d'Escausses is located northeast of Toulouse in the village of Sainte-Croix in Gaillac and is run by Denis Balaran, 7th generation winemaker. There are 34 hectares under vine for AOC production on the estate; Of those 34 hectares, 22.5 are planted with red grape varieties (Duras, Braucol, Syrah and Gamay) and 11.50 in white varieties (Mauzac, Lenc of Elh, Ondenc, Muscadelle, Sauvignon).


Wines from Domaine D'escausses:

Cuvée des Drilles - Rouge

Cuvée vigne blanche - Rouge
Cuvée Vendanges dorées - Blanc

Gaillac Sec "L'ombre Fraiche" - Blanc



Domaine D'escausses

La Salamandrié  81150 STE CROIX, France