Domaine Dumas

Family farm of 18 hectares located in the municipality of Odenas , the place called Pierreux (translates as "Stony") , in the heart of Beaujolais  . The vinification and aging of the wines takes place in casks of oak over 100 years for some, in the subterranean cellar.


Wines from Domaine Dumas:


Pierre-André Dumas Brouilly

Pierre-André Dumas Brouilly Les Pierreuses

Pierre-André Dumas C de BY (Côte de Brouilly) 

Pierre-André Dumas C de BY (Côte de Brouilly) Alchimie



TERRES d’Alice rouge Beaujolais Villages

TERRES d’Alice rose Beaujolais Rosé

TERRES d’Alice Jaune Beaujolais Blanc



Domaine Pierre-Andre Dumas

631 Route de Charentay, 69460 Odenas, France

Website:    Domaine Dumas