Domaine Les Lys

Thirty hectares of vines are clay and limestone soils where the Côtes du Rhône meets the Cévennes mountains.
In 2008, armed with a plan and a modern, natural approach to wine-making, the indefatigable Olivier Privat has uniquely orchestrated a wonderful repertoire.
Fine wines with delicate bouquets from the terroir of the Duché d'Uzès. An underground cellar, barrel fermentation, use of demi-muid vats from Burgundy, all under the expert eyes of oenologists Katrina Mullet and Emmanuel Gagnepain of Châteauneuf-du-Pape fame.

In regards to the wines, one taste and Olivier's spell is cast -  and certainly  you'll have to come to Blauzac to taste them in person.

But be warned: It Will take more than half an hour.


Wines from Domaine Les Lys:


La Soif

Duche de Uzes



Domaine Les Lys

Route de Uzes, 30700 Blauzac, France