Is an old wine production region with the first vines planted by the Romans on the land overlooking the valley of Tarn.  Fronton, known as the vineyard of Toulouse (“le vignoble toulousain”), stretches between the cities of Toulouse, on the Garonne River, and Montauban, on the Tarn River.  Fronton is the only appellation in the world to cultivate the Négrette grape, whose name comes from the French word for black.

Producers from Fronton:     Chateau Coutinel

Appellation characteristics:

Max. Summer Temperature.


200 m

Main Soil Types

Sandy-clay soil

Average Rainfall                                                                                                                                                             

625 mm

Latitude 46° 13′ 40” North

Longitude  02° 12′ 50” East

Types of Grape

The red wines are made primarily of the Fronton’s exclusive grape variety Négrette (minimum 50% in the blend). The Négrette (sometimes known as Pinot St. George when grown in the United States) gives the wine fruity and delicate features, providing a powerful red wine, dark and tannic, with aromas of violet and licorice. Reds reach their fullness between 4-7 years. Other grape varietes include Syrah Côt, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon, Fer Servadou, Gamay, Cinsaut and Mauzac.

Rosé wines (around 15% of production) are characterized by their deep hue and low acidity.