Is located just East of Cahors in the Aveyron department. The appellation soils are made of clay with high iron oxide content on extremely steep hillsides or terraces.  This small but steadily growing appellation and was granted AOC status in 1990, it covers the characterful red and rose wines produced in 11 communes around the village of Marcillac-Vallon in the Aveyron administrative district. At one time, there were thousands of acres of vines in this area, but these dwindled until a resurgence in the late 20th century. By 2008, 530 acres (215ha) of vines were planted in the Marcillac appellation, demonstrating the steady recovery of viticulture here.

The climate of the Marcillac-Vallon area has multiple influences and shows characteristics of continental, mediterranean and maritime climate types. The Vallon de Marcillac – the narrow, deep valley which bisects the area – emphasizes the effects of ambient temperature and humidity by creating its own insulated mesoclimate. This particular geological formation creates noticeable variations between the vineyards and wines of Marcillac.

Max. Summer Temperature


580 m

Main Soil Types

Red clay and quartz gravel soil rich in iron oxide that are known locally as rougiers

Average Rainfall                                                                                                                                                                                         
880 mm

Latitude 44° 24′ 48” North

Longitude  02° 28′ 58” East

Types of Grape

Marcillac wines are made predominantly from the rustic local grape variety Fer Servadou. The Marcillac Red and Rosé: The red wines are made from Fer Servadou grape variety and usually tannic yet clean and warm with aromas of red fruit, spices, fern and green pepper. Bordeaux varieties Cabernet Franc and Merlot are also permitted in very small quantities to temper Fer Servadou’s tannic nature, along with the rarely seen Prunelard Noir. The typical Marcillac wine is spicy and aromatic, and responds well to barrel maturation.