MEDUZ Brewery

Between the Sea and the Earth, the Mediterranean and Uzès, Meduz beers are specially developed by our brew master in the spirit of Belgian beers and but with feeling of Provence.

MEDUZ Blonde

Light beer, refreshing while having a full body and a characteristic bitterness. It's fine and light foam will delight fans of beers with character. Notes of citrus and fresh fruit accentuate its freshness and complexity.

A top fermentation  beer which contains two types of barley malts, and two types of hops. The beer is fermented in the bottle and will rest for six weeks before leaving the brewery.


STYLE: Belgian

Alcohol:  5%


Tasting Notes

A light golden color with light foam.  A sweet nose with citrus aromas of lemon and orange with hints of apple.  With a balanced palate, it begins malty-sweet and finishes with a dry hoppy astringency.

 Suggested Food Pairings

Enjoy with the traditional Provence mussels and frites, gourmet pizza and spicy blue cheese chicken sandwich.

MEDUZ Blanche

Is a top fermentation beer combining the suble flavors of sweet orange and aromatic hops.  It is prepared with wheat and barley malt, the hops being added during the maturing period and finessing the palate with the lively ad original bouquet. 

Tart and fruity notes which will delight lovers of wheat beer with character.


STYLE:  Belgian

Alchohol: 5%



Tasting Notes

Easy to drink, this soft and refreshing beer has a crisp fruity-citrus flavor.  Hints of coriander and sweet orange peel, with light honey and gentle dosing of hop on the finish.

Suggestion Food Pairings

Pairs well with spicy foods and lighter fare including fresh salads and grilled shrimp or halibut.

MEDUZ Ambrèe

Is a slightly stronger beer and is the ideal accompaniment to a meal.  It's rich copper color is typical of superior amber beers.  A top fermentation beer containing two types of barley malts and two types of hops.  The beer is fermented in the bottle and will rest for seven weeks before leaving the brewery.

The delightful aroma of red fruits and caramel will be appreciated.


STYLE:  Belgian

Alcohol:  6%


Tasting Notes

The beautifully copper colored ale has aromas of berries and grapefruit.  Balanced bouquet of toasted malt and caramel character with a medium malt bitterness.  It is fresh and smooth with great complexity.

Suggested Food Pairings

Enjoy with flavorful meats and hearty Italian dishes. Also pairs nicely with delicate cheeses, artichokes and roasted red peppers - a perfect accompaniment to gourmet burgers.