Montagne Noire

This is the project of four passionate friends who decided to build a distillery for producing French whiskeys for the South West. The distillery was built on the foothills of the Montagne Noire, on a plateau at 1000 m altitude.

Legend has it, that a wild animal, half-wolf, half-boar lurking there ... On this plateau is a water source with exceptional qualities for making beautiful whiskeys.Black Mountain Company launches a range of assembly whiskeys (blends), refined in South West: Montagne Noire (Black Mountain) Top.


The result is a whiskey with a strong personality, with woody vanilla aromas, with notes of fruit and honey on the palate and a nice finish gently smoke. It is attractive pure and remarkable "on the rocks".





For its design we first created a blended whiskey for its attractive balance, harmony and complexity on the palate. Sent the heart of South West natural alcohol (that is to say to the alcoholic that he had coming out of the barrels, or about 62% vol.). Then reduced the alcohol content to 40% vol. with spring water from the Montagne Noire. Finally, comes to maturity in casks previously used for aging the most prestigious spirits South West.