Domaine les Hauts de Riquets

The seventh generation wine-growers and the family's passion for wine was marked in 1937 by the creation of the Appellation Controlée "Côtes de Duras", instigated by the Grandfather, Elie Bireaud. “Find living soil, a long work but a must for wines of expression” said Pierre Bireaud.  He and his wife, Mary-Jo own Les Haut de Riquets which sits in the town of Baleyssagues, a sub-region of Côtes du Duras AOC.  The primary goal in organic farming is to work with microorganisms, so that they can live, share and protect the vines.  Les Haut de Riquets carefully handles the wine, tasting barrel by barrel then selecting the ideal barrels to blend the perfect wine.  When you drive up to the winery, the land is what you notice, not the grand château or castle. 

After speaking with Pierre, one realizes that the land and how you use it is one of the most important things to this vintner. The unique and arty label will have you purchase the wine, but fabulous finish will have you buy more.

Pierre's wine include:



Le Mignon