Côtes du Tarn, Fronton and Gaillac

Is located in the Midi-Pyrénées around the city of Toulouse.  Including the cantons of Frontonm Gaillac, Graulhet, Lavaur, Lisle sur Tarn, Rabastens, Cunac, Cahuzac on Vère and Strings in the department of Tarn et Garonne.  The region is subjected to a triple influence climate: Oceanic, Mediterranean and Continental. Likewise, the soils across the area are diverse, making them hospitable to indigenous vines such as Negrette, Duras and Braucol.


Appellation Characteristics:

Max. Summer Temperature


227 m

Main Soil Types

Sand, clay and quartz gravel

Average Rainfall                                                                                                                                                             

667 mm

Latitude 43° 41′ 56” North

Longitude  01° 49′ 08” East

Types of Grape

The red wines are a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Duras, Gamay, Braucol, Negrette, Syrah and Merlot, sometimes supplemented by Côt or, less commonly, by Fer Servadou or Mérille. They are often dark in color, with full-bodied flavors.

The white wines are from Sauvignon, Muscadelle, Mauzac and Chardonnay.  All are aromatic with white flowers and fruit.