Château de Tiregand

As you drive up the long, tree-lined avenue to the Château de Tiregand, you wander through time. It is said to have been founded in the 13th century by a natural son of England’s King Edward III named Edward Tyrgan. The Château de Tiregand, listed in the official supplement of France’s Historic Buildings, now belongs to the heirs of the Countess François de St Exupéry. Despite it’s long and sometimes turbulent history, the Château and it’s vineyard have maintained a stately presence and Francois-Xavier remains a true ‘vigneron’ at heart.

François-Xavier de St Exupéry, the youngest son, has revitalized Tiregand’s image but remains a true ‘vigneron’ at heart.  His attention is never far from production and vinification, which is key to a successful wine estate.

The Château de Tiregand Cuvée Grand Millésime is a wine that has been used to toast in special occasions for centuries.  Now, it’s your turn to enjoy on any occasion.

Wines from Château de Tiregand:

Château de Tiregand

Grand Millésime