66% Sauvignon Blanc 34%  Sémillon


20,000 bottles






Freshness and the Sauvignon aroma typify this white wine from the Château de Tiregand.  It should be drunk cool (12 to 13 deg. C.), as an apéritif with friends or to accompany fish or summer salads.


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Low yield (around 42 hectoliters per hectare) allows fuller expression for the special characteristics of the Pécharmant soil, which consists of sand, gravel and a marked amount of iron in the sub-soil (- 1.80 m).

Historically very ancient, and widely famed in particular for a section known as “The Terrace”, the vineyards were totally destroyed by record frosts in 1956.

To re-establish them, the plantings carried out at the time were of vines that were both tall and widely spaced.   This technique proved to have its shortcomings.  Today, therefore, the vines are planted in close rows (1,75 m apart), at a density of 5,800 plants per hectare  -  slightly more than traditional for the Pécharmant vines.  The results is the grapes ripen earlier, have better concentration, and the grapes are richer.


Knowing that ripe and very healthy grapes have the most taste, the Châteaux de Tiregand sets out to facilitate their maturity by means of short pruning, control of the yield  (notably through a “green” harvest  -  reducing the number of  grape bunches), and thinning out the leaves to give the grapes better exposure to the sun.

Vinification: From the moment of the harvest, we seek to extract and retain the grapes’ aromas. Before fermentation, they undergo pellicular maceration (protected by carbonic gas). This extraction of matter, which lasts about 12 hours, is an important step because it enriches the wine. Once pressed, the grape juice is fined by cold decantation (2 deg C.).

Fermentation of the clarified juice is set in motion by yeasts carefully chosen to reveal the grapes’ aromas. This process lasts about 10 days, at a controlled temperature of 15 to 17 deg. C.

The wine is then matured on its lees for 6 to 8 weeks, stirred from time to time to facilitate extraction of the yeasts. Finally, it is bottled, under inert gas.


A lovely pale yellow in color, the wine starts by presenting scents of lemon and almonds;  then, after twirling the glass, white peaches dominate the “nose”  -  though still with a distinct touch of lemon.   In the mouth, it is soft and velvety, with the fruity flavors of both peach and apricot.


A perfect pairing with light summer dishes.  Enjoy with Grilled Fish and Seafood, Fresh Heirloom Tomato Mozzarella Salad, Avocado and Grapefruit Salad.


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