Grand Millésime

 93 points, Cellar Selection

Wine Enthusiast, 2012


60% Merlot  25% Cabernet Sauvignon  5% Cabernet Franc


12,000 bottles






Fabulous, top-notch French Château wine. Beautifully constructed with a long finish. Compares to any Medoc or Pomerol hands-down.


93 Points - Wine Enthusiast (Cellar Selection) 2012

Gold medal, Great Wines of France Congress,  2010 -Grand Millésime 2008

Gold medal, Great Wines of France Congress,  2010 -Grand Millésime 2007

Gold medal, Great Wines of France Congress, Mâcon, 2009.

Gold medal, International Challenge of Wines, Blaye, 2010.

2007: Gold medal, Great Wines of France Congress, Mâcon, 2009; Gold medal, International Challenge of Wines, Blaye, 2010.

Cuvée Grand Millésime 2002 Gold medal, General Agricultural Congress, Paris, 2004


Low yield (around 42 hectoliters per hectare) allows fuller expression for the special characteristics of the Pécharmant soil, which consists of sand, gravel and a marked amount of iron in the sub-soil (- 1.80 m).

Historically very ancient, and widely famed in particular for a section known as “The Terrace”, the vineyards were totally destroyed by record frosts in 1956.

To re-establish them, the plantings carried out at the time were of vines that were both tall and widely spaced.   This technique proved to have its shortcomings.  Today, therefore, the vines are planted in close rows (1,75 m apart), at a density of 5,800 plants per hectare  -  slightly more than traditional for the Pécharmant vines.  The results is the grapes ripen earlier, have better concentration, and the grapes are richer.

area in production : 8 hectares on the Pécharmant slopes, right bank of the Dordogne upstream of Bergerac. Soil known as “Périgord sand and gravel”, with a sub-soil of ferro-manganic clay (- 1,50 m). The best parts of the vineyards.


Cultivation: ripe and healthy grapes give the best wines.  Accordingly, we always prefer them to reach maturity after short pruning, disbudding, a “green” harvest (reducing the number of  grape bunches), and thinning out the leaves.   For more than five years, the Château de Tiregand has carried out a form of rational agriculture through which, thanks to our studies in the vines and our meteorological station, the protection of the vineyard is optimized and there is also better protection for the environment.

The grapes are harvested manually.

Vinification is carried out in open vats, with punching of the cap and scrupulous temperature control, followed by maceration of the wine “on its crust” for a period of about 25 days.    The wines are then transferred into barrels before the malolactic fermentation takes place.

Maturing: About 18 months in oak barrels (of which half are new and the other half have been used only once before). Stirring of the lees is implemented in the early months.


This special cuvee with 60% Merlot, is inky purple, with decadent layers of chocolate and coffee on the nose. Good structure and rich damson flavors. Excellent example of Pécharmant terroir.


Accompany with Pan-Roasted Lamb Lion Chops, Veal Cutlet Milanese and Rib-Eye Steak with Garlic Mushroom Sauce.