Domaine Viret

The fields of the Domain were purchased by the great-grandfather of Alain Viret in 1917.  In 1998, Philippe Viret finished his oenological education and joined his father, Alain at the Domain.

The viticulture at the Domain is a kind of biodynamical farming - they call it cosmo-culture.   "By placing cosmic posts and markings, we can capture a powerful and balanced energy, and we can select cosmic rays to address our goal."  This universal philosophy known from the old Inca and Maya civilizations can be seen in the architecture of the buildings.

The Viret's have set an ambitious goal: to create a cellar, taking into account the context, which was that the builders of the Great Egypt.  Settling on the hill Clos du Paradis, where Roman legions already cultivated vines, Alain and Philippe Viret have revived cosmo-culture, based on the knowledge of ancient civilizations.

The cellar was built of stones from the area around Remoullins the same kind of stones used by the Romans to build Pont du Gard, the famous aqueduct. The single stones were numbered so they could be placed in the same order as they originally had when they were cut out of the quarry. 

You will not be disappointed by the wine that you taste from Philippe, in fact you will be amazed.

Philippe's wines include:


Dolia Paradis