It’s a fact, the Basque region love enjoying life. They enjoy the mountain, the sea, the good weather and even the rain. Plans are better with friends. Not to mention the gastronomy, working with the best raw material.

Following the guidelines and supported by microbreweries from The Basque Country, Germany and United States, ZerB was born. After some time they got the flavor, the color and the aroma that know defines this master beer.  ZerB is the beer of the Basque bartenders, the beer of Basque country, the secret belongs to the Basques.


ZerB recipes is result of the input of over 200 Basque bartenders that took part in the development of this recipe.  This recipe includes, barley and wheat, hops and yeast all from the Basque region.  Produced in a natural and traditional way using water for the local mountains.  Unfiltered or pasteurized keeping it's natural and unique taste.


STYLE: American IPA

Alcohol:  5.3%


Tasting Notes

Clear and refreshing beer.  Blonde and slightly foggy due to the touch of wheat.  It’s soft and not too bitter, with fruity tones and an identifiable hop taste at the end.  100% Basque.

Suggested Food Pairing

It matches extraordinary good with a wide range of food among them cheeses, salads, chicken, seafood and fish.